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Distribution Partner Policy

  1. General Principles.

  • Fulsun recognizes the value and importance of our Channel Distribution Partners. Our partners are established wholesale or retailer channels that are working with Fulsun on a continuous basis.

  • Partners are expected to be in alignment with Fulsun in terms of helping smokers quit smoking and reduce the health damage caused by smoking.

  • All our Channel Distribution Partners are required to strictly abide to the local laws and regulations on electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or e-liquids, both those already taken effect, as well as ones in the future.

  • This Policy is applicable to all distributors, including but not limited to logistic and shipping partners, wholesale, retailer, and resellers of Fulsun products anywhere Fulsun products are being sold.


  1. Abide By The Law

  • Follow the laws and regulations where the business is being carried out , which covers both national and international laws alike.

  • Provide employees the working environment with respect and equality, without discrimination on ethnicity, skin color, sex, or religious beliefs.

  • Market and promote Fulsun products in accordance to the regulations established by local authorities. DO NOT make false claims on FULSUN brand or products, or exaggerate product effects. DO NOT advertise or sell nicotine products to minors.

  • DO NOT bribe or accept bribe for the purpose of illegal gains.

  • Guard customer information against hacking and internet safety.

  • Make sure the products are imported/exported via the legal channel and all applicable taxes are paid


  1. Proper Business Practices

  • Must make sure information and documents provided are complete, accurate, legal and within effective period.

  • Must not aid Fulsun employee by falsely recognizing purchase order or payment in any way.

  • Must not steal or illegally obtain trade secrets or confidential information of competitors, employees, customers or other third parties.

  • Cooperate with Fulsun in its internal audits.

  • Accept rules and policies set by Fulsun regarding channel and supply management.

  • Must not make false promises to customers which are not made by Fulsun explicitly in written format.

  • Must not defame Fulsun or the reputation of competitors.

  • Must not bribe Fulsun employees or their immediate family members to obtain favorable terms.

  • Must not disclose business terms between Fulsun and the partner without written consent from both parties.

  • Must use Fulsun’s intellectual properties in the proper way, promotional materials bearing Fulsun’s brand IP must obtain approval from Fulsun HQ.

  1. Management Practice

  • Have proper management practice in place, including but not limited to anti illicit trade, anti-corruption, data safety practices.

  • Propagate this policy to the next level distributors or retailers or resellers.

  • Make sure all partner employees familiar with and follow this policy guideline.


  1. Other

  • Violation of this policy could lead to the removal of some or all of the preferential terms given, termination of contract in extreme cases.

  • Updates of this policy will be posted on the official Fulsun website Fulsun reserves the right to supplement, amend the terms.

  • For questions or complaints regarding this policy, please email us at


   FULSUN promises that all information of those who submitted reports of illegal activities, wrongdoings or complaints will be kept in strict confidentiality.

   Persons who submitted the reports are reminded not to make inaccurate reports or false accusations, for such conducts might result in Fulsun severing all business         ties with said person.

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